5 Football Injuries & Treatment Options

5 Football Injuries & Treatment Options

Football is highly competitive game. It is also a brutal sport that millions like to play and watch. Now, football isn’t all about the hits and bumps; it also requires finesse, agility, skill and power. A person has to be at the top of their game to compete on the football field. If they are injured, they probably will not be able to play. Here is a list of 5 football injuries that typically happen to players and the options they have for treatment.


ACL Tears and Football Players


An ACL tear is a common injury in football. This usually happens when a player’s body is impacted from hits they take to their legs. The ACL is one of four main ligaments within the knee area. This


The ACL is one of the four main ligaments of the knee located within the knee joint. ACL tears are common in football when players are impacted from the front or rear. When an ACL tear occurs pain, swelling and instability will happen within the knee area. A popping sound will also be present.


An ACL brace is designed to help players to perform well enough to play through an injury. Football players who compete on the professional level must be able to work through pain if they want to stay in the game. So, an ACL brace is suited for this purpose.


MCL Tears in the Body


The MCL is another important part of the leg. It connects a person’s thighbone to their lower leg. When a player damages this part of their body, a person will have a hard time standing, running or making maneuvers. A player will know that they have torn their MCL when they experience symptoms such as stiffness and/or swelling in their knee. Tenderness inside of their knees is also another indicator and so is various pain levels. A knee sleeve or brace are commonly used to treat this condition.


A Torn Meniscus is Problematic for Players


Braces are also used to treat players with a torn meniscus. This part of a torso is located in the leg area. It helps to give people their ability to rotate their body while their feet are planted. If a person tears this part of their knee they will not be able to function at full capacity on the field. You probably already guessed that the knees are prone to injury. The fact is they are. If a person wants to properly heal from these problems they can use a brace during the process.

5 Football Injuries & Treatment Options

Ankle Sprains are very Common Injuries


Ankle sprains are probably the most common type of injury for all sports players. Football players experience a lot of sprains in this part of their body. However, sprains are not as common as ACL tears. Braces are an excellent healing option for sprains. They provide great support while the bone heals and they can help a person to work through the pain or injury.


Hamstring Injuries for the Quick and the Fast


The hamstring muscles within a person’s legs give them the ability to sprint at a rapid pace. It also helps them to suddenly stop from a fast speed. A football player can easily tear their hamstring muscle when they sprint or quickly accelerate on the field. The best way for players to avoid this problem is by warming up and stretching. If they end up getting injured within this part of their leg; a knee brace can help to alleviate pain during the process. Players also use various therapies and medications to treat this type of damage to their leg. These are five football injuries that typically happen to most players.